Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Brim CC

I caught up with a friend for lunch today at a tiny little 'Japanese Organic Cafe' called Brim CC. It was originally organic soup take-away shop (hence the reference to volume and containers I assume) with sushi available, but due to customer demand, had recently increased the number of Japanese items on the menu.

Brim CC
The space was cramped, and while we found a seat at a shared table, the place quickly filled up. The hot weather outside meant that it was slightly stuffy inside, and while there were seats outside, no shade was available so I vetoed that idea. The decor of the place was actually quite nice, with wooden tables, a small bookshelf and a cute little corner that was termed 'Owner's Treasure'.

Owner's Treasure
The menu itself was varied with 2-6 varieties of soup are available on any given day, as well a single bento box option, 2 noodle salads, 3 salads, 3 curries with rice, yakitori-don with rice, gyu-don with rice and sweet and savoury buckwheat pancakes

I went for a rice dish/salad combination ($9.50) of gyu-don with fried tofu salad. My friend chose a double chicken hit of a chicken tomato curry with a teriyaki chicken salad.

Gyu-Don with Fried Tofu Salad
Chicken Tomato Curry with Chicken Teriyaki Salad

The food was pretty standard. It was filling but nothing that distinguished it from other standard Japanese restaurants around Melbourne. Perhaps I should have ordered a soup or some sushi instead! Seeing as the meal was so cheap though, I left feeling very satisfied. The service was friendly and efficient, and they obviously had a very dedicated customer base. Definitely deserving of their spot in the 2011 Cheap Eats Guide. I might choose the take-away option next time though, crowds tend to confuse me.

Brim CC
Shop 2, 601 Little Collins St, Melbourne
Mon-Fri 10am-9pm

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