Friday, April 29, 2011

1101 Sweet One (Closed)

1101 Sweet One
In the place of an ex-hairdressers on Elizabeth St, a small dessert place/function space seems to have popped up. Almost perpetually quiet, I wandered in with a friend after a particularly filling dinner at Oriental Spoon. During the day, they have baked goods on display in the front window, but I suppose they all disappear sometime during the afternoon. My first impression of the place were not great seeing as I was almost certain they were closed, but thankfully they weren't and happy enough to indulge our dessert cravings.

I was quite impressed with the interior decorations however, from the quaint tables, to the lucky cats that filled every corner of the room, to the Asian magazines and boardgames dotted about.

1101 Sweet One
1101 Sweet One
Adorable Cats
Their signature dish is the '1101' which is pretty much a milk based (rice-milk I think, but I wasn't too sure) dessert with your choice of starches (sweet potato, glutinous black rice, sago, jellies etc) and toppings (fruit, seasame seeds etc). Being highly customisable, the variety is fairly extensive.

Fruit with Sago

Herbal Jelly with Sweet Potato and Seasame Seeds
I quite like the new spin on dessert. My preference of late has been for light, not overly sweet dishes with the desire usually fulfilled with frozen yogurt. This however, is an acceptable alternative. I just hope that the place doesn't close down due to lack of business.

Quite unhelpfully for most people though, their website and Facebook page is completely in Chinese. It's not rocket-surgery figuring out the menu though, so it's not that big of an issue.

1101 Sweet One
419, Elizabeth St, Melbourne
Mon-Sun 2pm-10pm

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