Thursday, April 28, 2011

Oriental Spoon

A delicious dinner with a good friend was in order following a busy day at work and a gym session in the city. After initially wanting to dine at a restaurant on Lonsdale St which happened to be closed for Easter (even though it was a Wednesday night), it was decided that nourishment was to be obtained from a much frequented and popular little restaurant on La Trobe St called Oriental Spoon.

Oriental Spoon

The predominantly Korean restaurant, with other Asian influences apparent in the dishes, seems to be perpetually busy at dinner times. It's not surprising really considering the food and service are both consistently good and the prices are reasonable. While we were deciding on what to eat, we order a couple of drinks: a Korean beer for my friend, and a cup of Ginseng tea for me.

Cass Beer

Ginseng Tea

After you order, and long before the dishes come out, Korean appetizers including Kimchi are served. I've never quite figured out if you're supposed to eat them before as an entrée, or with your main meal, but I was hungry enough to start eating straight away.




Anyone who's ever had dinner with me at a Japanese restaurant will know that I always order takoyaki. This is the result of an eating frenzy a few years ago during a trip to Hong Kong. Having been a few times before, I knew that the takoyaki at Oriental Spoon is amongst the best I've had in Melbourne!

Glorious Takoyaki

The rest of the dishes were also perfectly made with succulent meat that was full of flavour. I'm highly skilled at gorging myself on good food and this night was no exception. I left with my tummy happily stuffed with takoyaki, beef bulgogi, eel and japchae.
Beef Bulgogi


A very reliable restaurant that will leave you happy, but without breaking your budget.


Oriental Spoon
254 La Trobe St, Melbourne
Mon-Thu,Sun 5:30pm-10pm, Fri-Sat 5:30pm-11pm

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