Monday, September 5, 2011

Chef Lagenda

Being in the mood for some Laksa on a quiet Tuesday night, it was decided that a short trip out of the city, and up to Flemington would be perfect. The original plan was to go to the famous Laksa King (which I hadn't visited since its reopening) but after seeing the packed interior and the long queue at the door, it was decided that the short walk two doors up to Chef Lagenda was the more attractive option.

Rumor has it the team running the joint are the same ones from the old Laksa King, but who cares either way as long as delicious food is served. Of course, the first thing to be decided was which laksa should be ordered. Chicken, vegetarian and seafood were all on offer, as well as the combination of shrimp, fish cake and chicken that we eventually decided on.

Curry Laksa
We weren't disappointed. The noodles were soft and springy, without being soggy, the pieces of meat were tender, and the all important soup was brilliantly flavoured and not overpowered by the taste of coconut milk (which can sometimes happen).

One cannot be satisfied by laksa alone, so we ordered a couple of other dishes. There was nothing particularly good or bad about the Steamed Chinese Broccoli with oyster sauce, because, let's be honest, the dish is pretty hard to mess up.

Steamed Chinese Broccoli
It did tick the box of getting our vegetable intake for the meal though, so it definitely passes. The Hainanese Chicken Rice could have been better though.

Hainanese Chicken Rice
The meat was a little too dry for my liking, but perhaps the Malaysian style is different to the mainland style? I wouldn't know, having never been to Malaysia, and not being a frequent visitor of the Malaysian restaurants here. I'd like to rectify one/both situations in the near future though so I'll be a little more informed next time.

My only other problem with the place was that the table was too high/I am too short, which made eating a little uncomfortable yet the service was friendly and fast. Overall, I was happy with the experience as the laksa, the most important aspect of this restaurant, was faultless.

Chef Lagenda
16 Pin Oak Cres. Flemington
Mon-Sun 11am-10pm

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  1. I actually prefer the laksa here than Laksa King next door.

  2. Hmm, then perhaps I’ll just pop back into Lagenda next time I’m in the area rather than brave the Laksa King crowds!

  3. You were in my hood! I prefer Chef Lagenda laksa to Laksa King....

  4. Well if both you and Adrian are saying that Lagenda is better than Laksa King, then I'm certain I made the right choice! Any other recommendations from your hood Penny?