Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mini-Review: Syracuse

As a bit of a somewhat haphazardly organised date-night, the boy and I went to dimly lit, and invitingly warm restaurant Syracuse for some late dessert. By any reasonable standard, our 10pm arrival meant that we would be too late for dinner service, yet the sommelier (and I guess part-time waiter on quiet nights) was helpful and friendly and surprisingly, offered us the full menu. While everything looked mouthwatering-ly delicious - so much so that I was kicking myself hard for giving up an opportunity to dine at this restaurant on a previous occasion, we eventually settled on a dessert each, paired with matching wines.

Chocolate Mousse

I had a tiny taste of the mousse and it was pretty darn good. Smooth, light and chocolaty, it's what a high-quality mousse should be. Certainly, it's as good as any that I've had from the many chocolate lounges dotted around the city, and perhaps more so as it's not overpoweringly sweet. You (might) not even feel guilty eating it!

You'd probably feel very guilty eating what I order, but I have no regrets - it was definitely worth it.

Creme Brule (with matching wines)
I absolutely love cracking the caramelised topping. Perhaps too much so, I must have looked like a kid to anyone watching. And underneath the topping? Creamy decadence. I haven't had as much experience with this dessert as much as say, cakes or chocolate mousse, but it might take me a while to find a creme brule that can top this. Other desserts? That's a completely different story.

As for the wines, with a wine-list as extensive as the one at Syracuse (the website has the wine-list as 'undefined' when it first tries to load, with is amusingly apt), it was a little too overwhelming to choose the wines ourselves. My wine knowledge is disgracefully pitiful. Thankfully, the sommelier was extremely helpful and obviously highly knowledgeable, and I can say that the wines balanced out the sweet dishes superbly. Pity the fancy names and descriptions flew over my head but no matter, I should have a chance to peruse the list another time and will be sure to pay a little more attention when I get around to doing a full review.

I hope Syracuse does food as well as they do desserts and wines. The breakfast menu looked particularly appetising...

23 Bank Pl, Melbourne
Mon-Fri 730am-late, Sat 6pm-late

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  1. Hi Ecliss

    Thanks for the review and we have just launched the new website at; which addresses the wine menu information thoroughly.

    Syracuse Restaurant & Wine Bar

  2. The new website looks brilliant!!

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