Thursday, February 23, 2012

Creperie le Triskel

Arrogantly French. That's their tagline, but they've only got half of that right.

Of course, a truly arrogant cafe would not survive in Melbourne, so by elimination, they must therefore be quite french. Indeed, their decor, and their staff, would never suggest otherwise. Spread upon every available surface are posters, and maps, and signs proclaiming their 'Frenchness'.

Creperie le Triskel

Creperie le Triskel
See? Mind you, I'm not game enough to order in French. A trip to Paris years ago was proof enough that my English would be better understood than my French over there. Thankfully, the menus are 99% in English. With a selection of both sweet crepes, and savoury crepes (made with buckwheat flour and called 'Galettes') it was a decision based on mood. Seeing as I couldn't actually decide what was suitable breakfast fare, I ended up ordering a galette, with a sweet crepe to share.

With egg, Swiss Gruyere cheese, mushrooms and spinach, I'm fairly sure this dish can be safely classified as breakfast.

Egg, Swiss Gruyere Cheese, Mushroom and Spinach Galette

A neat little parcel that looked even more tempting when it was opened up.

Egg, Swiss Gruyere Cheese, Mushroom and Spinach Galette
Tasty! Light yet filling, I'm likely to choose a galette base over your standard toast any day. Pity the ones I make at home are nowhere near as well done, with more stuck to the pan than on my plate. Someday I'll learn how to make the perfect crepe, but in the meantime, there's this little cafe.

My friend ordered a more substantial meal; a ham and cheese galette complete with toast, a poached egg, spinach, and tomato relish.

Ham & Cheese Galette with Poached Egg, Spinach and Tomato Relish

I might have forgotten what this dish was called (bad blogger!) but it sure did smell and look good. I'm betting it would have tasted good too.

After fulfilling out breakfast obligations, it was of course, straight on to breakfast-dessert. An amazingly thin, simple crepe with fresh strawberries, bananas and lemon juice was all that was required.

Strawberry, Banana and Lemon Crepe

They have an extensive selection of dessert crepes to satisfy the times when something sweeter is required, with ingredients such as chocolate, marmalade and jams, ice-cream and whipped cream. Nothing overly fancy, but all decisively tempting.

Their display at the counter was also maddeningly tempting...

Croissant aux Chocolat

Must. Resist.

Not that you should of course, in fact, you should get down to this creperie quick-smart.

Creperie le Triskel
32 Hardware Lane, Melbourne
Tue-Sat Breakfast & Lunch

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  1. Breakfast-dessert is truly the best meal component ever.

  2. No true breakfast is complete without it :D