Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Beatbox Kitchen

Food trucks. I can understand the appeal of them from an 'it's an adventure' level, but subjecting myself to the tortures of tracking one of these down, then shelling out quite a considerable amount of money on food without much service doesn't hold all that much appeal for me.

Luckily though, at least one of those issues was mitigated courtesy of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. Bringing all the Melbourne food trucks together over the opening weekend, the Sunday line-up consisted of Taco Truck, Cornutopia, Dhaba Truck, Massive Weiners and of course Beatbox Kitchen.

Beatbox Kitchen
Simplicity is key for these trucks, with each only offering a very limited menu as a concession to the limited space and time available to them. Seeing as the boy had previously expressed interest in Beatbox Kitchen, the decision of which truck to visit on the day was easily made. We ordered every food item available (all three of them that is) and so had a Raph Burger, a Shroom Burger and a serve of fries to share.

After waiting 10 minutes in the blistering sun, we finally obtained our burgers and ravenously dug into them. The Shroom Burger ($10) was the best vegetarian burger I've ever had. The bun was amazingly light and fluffy, with a juicy Portobello mushroom and a generous serve of lettuce, cheese, tomato and onion.

Shroom Burger
You know what made the burger extra special though? The stereo sauce. Don't ask me what the stereo sauce is exactly (trade secret I imagine), but my-oh-my was it tasty. Sweet and slightly tangy, with just the right amount of creaminess, it makes the Big Mac sauce look (more) pitiful than ever.

Could the Raph Burger ($11) live up to the precedent the Shroom Burger had set?

Raph Burger

Sadly not. There was just too much meat, and though it was well cooked, it lacked flavour compared to the mushroom. In its defence though, every time I see/say/hear the word Raph, my mind automatically completes it to Raphael and I get an image of the TMNT in my head. It could definitely be a lot worse. Worth $11? Probably not, but get it at least once for the novelty value.

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