Friday, April 27, 2012

Coin Laundry

It's been a while since I've caught up with any of my university friends, so I organised to have brunch one delightfully sunny Sunday at Coin Laundry (nothing like the cold, rainy weather we've had this week). We'd heard good things about the cafe, so were keen to try it out.

The nature of the cafe did mean that we were waiting well over 20 minutes for a table after we arrived, but it was nice enough to stand outside. In any case, I was itching to have my first cup of coffee by the time we finally headed inside.

It was, well, normal. I don't necessarily mean that in a bad sense, it was just rather underwhelming considering I'd heard great things about the coffee here and so my expectation were likely to have been too high. Perhaps they were talking about great lattes, but at least the long black was drinkable. It just didn't stir up any great emotion in me.

We'd actually been seated late enough (after 12 pm) that the lunch menu was available to us in addition to the breakfast menu (the magic of brunch). After carefully considering the options, I chose the light Thai beef salad with roast peanuts, pickled vegetables & Asian herbs.

Thai Beef Salad
Or at least I thought it was light. There was too much beef for my liking, and it was rather tough. The dressing was well-balanced however, so it wasn't hard to keep eating it. Something easier to eat might have made me happier though, so perhaps I should have just stuck with the breakfast menu.

My friend ordered the Wagyu beef burger with beetroot relish, aioli, tomato, cheddar, lettuce and French fries.

Wagyu Beef Burger
It was a large burger. My friend got about halfway through the burger before giving up on the meat pattie altogether, and just eating the salad and the bun. I don't blame her in all honestly, that much mince meat can't be good for you. The fries weren't anything special, but we weren't really expecting them to be.

So was it all worth the drive and the wait? No. It's location is simply too out of my way for me to bother again, and if I want to wait for brunch, there are certainly places with better food to wait for. Sorry Coin Laundry, you just didn't live up to my expectations.

Coin Laundry
61 Armadale St, Armadale

Mon-Sun 7am-4pm

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  1. aw no! Their brekkie is actually pretty good. Love their house cured trout. But yes, there are so many cafes these days!