Friday, May 18, 2012

Cafe Vue

It's been a long time since I was last at Cafe Vue, indeed, I was there 15 months ago for my first day of work and haven't been back since. The menu has changed (although not by much) and the space is a bit bigger, but otherwise, it's just as I remembered it - good coffee and better food than you'd expect (even if it is a little expensive).

The coffee is a special roast by 5 Senses, made specifically for the Vue restaurants. I can't say that it was any better or worse than the standard 5 Senses blends, but if it does take your fancy, I know it's available for sale in 250g packs.

Vue Coffee by 5 Senses

Having never been to Cafe Vue before, my friend decided to order the Cafe Vue Lunch Box to try a bit of everything.

Cafe Vue Lunch Box
A four-course meal, it consisted of a starter of Roasted Jerusalem artichoke dip and baguette crisps, a parsnip, almond & parsley salad with honey vinaigrette, a beetroot ciabatta filled with turkey, stuffing & avocado mayo and a sweet rhubarb Anzac biscuit crumble to finish. All the servings seem so tiny, but my friend thought it filling enough that he took the crumble away for an afternoon snack. I tried a bit of everything except the dessert and all the dishes were very good. I suggest only ordering this if you're like my friend and are trying Cafe Vue for the first time, otherwise, just pick the dish that appeals to you the most, and stick with that.

I was tossing up between the Burnham Beeches seasonal salad, and the Roast Pumpkin, Merideth Fetta, and rocket salad. The seasonal salad was tempting with its promise of farm-fresh produce, varying daily, but ultimately, I couldn't go past the combination of pumpkin and Fetta. Even without trying the seasonal salad, I think I made the right choice.

Roast Pumpkin, Merideth Fetta, and Rocket Salad

Compared to the daintiness of the lunch box, this salad looked absolutely massive! The fetta was beautifully creamy, and the pumpkin a touch sweet, while the rocket lent a slight bitterness to the dish. The many textures and flavours in the dish kept things interesting, and I didn't miss having any sort of meat.

Even though it's slightly more expensive than many other cafes in the city, it's still a nice place to go during a work lunch break, although service can be a touch slow so perhaps give Cafe Vue a miss if you're on a tight schedule.

Cafe Vue
430 Little Collins St, Melbourne
Mon-Fri 7am-4pm

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