Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Studio Movida

Sometimes suburbia is just that bit more attractive than the city center. It's not so noisy, and the shopping strips and cafes aren't overflowing with people, just busy enough to feel part of a cosy community.

Kew is an area that I rarely set foot in, but I'd been meaning to try Studio Movida for quite a while and so made the journey on a nice Saturday morning.

Studio Movida
Set out the front of a privately run gym, and not in any way related to the better known Movida chain, the clientele seemed to be a mixture of those who'd just finished their workouts, and those wanting a good meal and a coffee.

Roasted by Axil Coffee Roasters, their coffees were both excellent quality and well made.

Long Macchiato

This was actually M's as I tend to drink long blacks, but long blacks tend not to make very interesting photographic material.

The breakfast menu is interesting with the usual suspects on offer, including toast and baked goods, muesli, and of course, protein-packed dishes.

M chose the vegetarian Nom-lette.

Vegetarian Nom-lette
Artfully presented, it was full of vegetable goodness, with soft, creamy eggs and a generous serve of avocado. The multigrain sourdough has a good helping of seeds as well and adds even more texture and interest to the dish.

I'd originally chosen the eggs with salmon, but the chef asked if she could make something new that she'd been working on for the menu. How could I resist that offer?

Chef's Special
Smoked salmon, mushrooms and fetta on a bed of spinach, topped by a single, perfectly poached egg with the sourdough multigrain to serve. Amazing.

Chef's Special
The saltiness of the salmon and fetta were just-right, and the entire dish felt nourishing, yet a touch special at the same time. I was impressed, and am hoping it becomes a fixture on the menu. Any ideas for the name though? Preferably a pun involved.

Studio Movida serves typical brunch fare but at an excellent standard. Good coffee, music and service seal the deal, and the option of a nearby gym just adds to the appeal (but only if you live in the area). My advice? Check it out before it becomes too popular, which I have no doubt it will.

Studio Movida
138 Cotham Rd, Kew
Mon-Fri 7am-5pm, Sat 8am-3pm

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  1. I love the new menu and the great atmosphere they've created. Well done studio Movida! Will be back. Paul

    1. Good to hear you love the place! Let me know what you think next time you head back - it might tempt me to return even sooner!