Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kedai Satay

On a freezing cold Sunday afternoon, I found myself at Etihad Stadium watching my second ever AFL match. I wasn't particularly emotionally involved in the game, but the team I was backing didn't win, and a very warm dinner was required.

One of other guys suggested a cheap and filling Indonesian restaurant on the corner of Bourke St and King St, not too far from the stadium. Once promised that it would be warm and inviting in there, I was sold.

Kedai Satay
Based on the original restaurant in South Yarra, the recently opened outlet serves a large range of Indonesian dishes including soups, skewers and ribs on rice and desserts.

The others decided pretty quickly what they wanted, with two of them ordering the grilled beef ribs on rice.

Grilled Beef Ribs on Rice
They're certainly generous with their portion sizes, considering this cost a measly $9.8. The two beef ribs were a significant size, with a large amount of both meat and fat. Indeed, there was probably too much fat for it to sit well, and the accompanying peanut sauce was unremarkable. The salad was mediocre as you can see, but the coconut rice was fragrant and soft. So much better than plain white rice in my opinion.

My other companion ordered the Tropical Grilled Chick.

Tropical Grilled Chick

The pieces of meat were too large to be chicks, so I assume there are a few missing letters in the menu, and that really he was served chicken. The coconut rice was once again good, but the chicken was on the dry side. I didn't particularly like the tropical sauce, but the sambal was decent.

I was craving soup, so ordered the Soto Betawai, otherwise known as Jakarta Beef Soup.
Soto Betawai
This dish was amazing. The ribs were perfectly tender beef ribs, and the creamy soup was full of flavour, with the taste of coconut coming through strongly. The ribs were the same as those served on the rice, but whereas on rice the fat was overpowering, in a soup, it added a richness that made the dish even tastier. A few potatoes completely this hearty, and winter appropriate dish.

It was a quiet night, and service was fast and friendly. The food was cheap, delicious and filling, and I've already deciding to bring the guys from work here sometime next week.

Kedai Satay
186 King Street, Melbourne
Mon-Sun 11am-9pm

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  1. Golly, I've never heard of the Jakarta Beef Soup before! Huge bones, coconut, potatoes... yep, definitely good for winter :)

    1. I hadn't either, I just decided that a soup with beef ribs would be suitable. I didn't expect it to be as delicious as it was!

  2. wow. they are look so yummy. Food is all I love because I love eating too. those foods are delicious.

    1. The food smelt and tasted amazing. You should try it out :D