Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mitre Tavern Steakhouse

The Mitre Tavern is a busy weeknight haunt of CBD professionals to unwind with a drink after a day of work. The pub section is incredibly noisy and busy, but thankfully the upstairs restaurant is magically insulated to the point that only the occasional strains of high-pitched laughter are able to float through the window.

The Mitre Tavern Steakhouse & Grill

The decor is tasteful and classy, and obviously tailored towards businessmen. The service was friendly, if a little too eager; after they asked us whether we had chosen from our menus for the third time in 5 minutes they seem to have realised we were a pretty indecisive bunch when it comes to what to eat and drink. It doesn't help that the wine list is very extensive, and at times, very expensive. The menu has of course a very large selection of steaks, but also features typical pub fare such as pasta and chicken parmigiana with a sophisticated twist (with a price point that matches).

Mitre Tavern

It's been quite a while since I've had dinner at a steakhouse, with my last visit to James Squire Steakhouse in Docklands sometime late last year. I have a habit of not ordering steak, not because I don't like steak which I do in-fact have beautiful culinary dreams about, but because something else always catches my eye.

In this case, it was the Fish of the Day Special - Blue Grenadier, with Field Grown Mushrooms and Blood Sausage. Blood sausage on the menu always makes me curious because I love all the different dishes you can serve it with being both interesting and subtle.

Fish of the Day
The fish was delicate and tender, but I would have preferred some more crispiness in the skin. The blood pudding was delicious as expected, and the green beans cooked just enough to be crunchy yet fresh. What really surprised me were how juicy and satisfying the mushrooms were. This meant that I was satisfied by the dish, yet didn't feel the slightest bit weighed down.

The only other non-steak order on the table was by the some-time vegetarian. The range of vegetarian options is pretty disappointing, and the only dish he could really order was the Pan fried Gnocchi Avocado, walnut and basil, garnished with white truffle oil.

Pan fried Gnocchi Avocado, walnut and basil, garnished with white truffle oil
Thankfully, he was pretty satisfied with this rich dish and polished it off quickly. I'm not sure what the green things on top were (seaweed perhaps?) but they were a decent attempt by the chef to dress-up an otherwise plain dish.

The other orders were all steak. I only have a picture of the 450g steak ordered, but I can't remember which  type it was exactly (Gippsland Fresh 5 Star/Black Angus/Butler's Steak).

450g Steak
There were a couple of orders for the 200g Gippsland Fresh 5 Star Fillet. Overall the steaks were deemed suitable being tender, juicy and full of flavour, but B's search for the best steakhouse in the city still continues. If anyone has any recommendations, I'd be happy to pass them on with thanks.

A few sides of crunchy steak fries with truffle salt and sauteed button mushrooms completed our satisfying meal.

Steak Fries with Truffle Salt
Sauteed Mushrooms
Overall we had a great experience with decent food (even if it was a little pricey), good service and enjoyable surrounds. It was the atmosphere of the place that will tempt us to return - we were there for 2.5 hours just chatting and they seemed happy enough to indulge us. By the time we left, the restaurant had gotten quite lively and we were in good spirits. It'll be a while before I brave the crowds downstairs though.

Mitre Tavern Steakhouse
5 Bank Place, Melbourne
Mon-Fri 11am-1130pm, Sat 12pm-1030pm

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  1. The Mitre Tavern is a pretty iconic Melbourne pub but to be honest I had never even considered eating there - good to hear you can. I think it is up for sale at the moment so will be interesting to see what happens once it gets new owners.

    1. It really is a pretty decent restaurant. As far as I know, the sale isn't affecting operations (Mitre Tavern currently leases the building I think). Still, change can be a good thing.

  2. I could sure go for a juicy succulent steak right now!