Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Niche on Bridge

I was lucky enough to be invited to check out the relatively new all-day cafe in Richmond, Niche on Bridge. Situated at the base of an apartment block, a little further away from the hustle and bustle that is the shopping section of Bridge Rd, the space is light and airy, and lively without being cramped.

Niche on Bridge

I'd done a little research, and realised that this new kid on the block was run by those very familiar with the industry. Indeed, this was a sister cafe to Toorak Deli and Phamish, and the head chef is Marcus Poulsen, who has worked closely with Scott Pickett of Estelle restaurant.

When we arrived, we were promptly seated and ordered strong coffees while scanning the extensive menu. Historically, I'm more decisive when it comes to breakfast decisions (baked eggs anyone?) than for other meals, but the sheer scope of this menu had me scrambling for a decision.

Long Macchiato
Sweet or savoury?  Pancakes, or French toast, or muesli, or baked eggs, or the ultimate breakfast? Thankfully, we weren't there for dinner, because that menu looked monstrous; wood-oven pizzas, share plates, paella and a whole host of mains means I would have been stuck there till midnight.

I peeked around at what the other diners had ordered, and realised that the serving sizes were more than generous. The food arrived very quickly after we ordered. I thought this was because we were invited guests, until I realised everyone was happily getting their food just as fast.

I'd decided to be (somewhat) healthy and has ordered the Avocado & Meredith goats cheese smash with blood orange, sliced chili & baby basil on 7 seed toast.

Avocado & Meredith Goats Cheese Smash with Blood Orange, Sliced Chili & Baby Basil on 7 Seed Toast

A mouthful to recite, the heap of avocado on top was enormous. Was struck me afterwards was how beautifully presented this dish was. The edible flowers added a decorative touch that had me smiling. I loved the combination of creamy avocado and fetta with a touch of bitterness brought on my the blood orange, and the hint of spice from the chillies. My only criticism of the dish was that the textures blended into each other after a while - I wouldn't have minded some crunch in the dish, perhaps by the addition of pepitas, or almond slivers.

M decided to go all out:

Ultimate Niche Breaky
It was certainly ultimate, consisting of 2 eggs with bacon, cheese kransky, hash brown, peppers, black pudding, toast & harissa yoghurt. There was so much flavour in this dish! The sourdough was nothing to rave about but everything else was brilliant; the eggs were perfectly fried with a gooey center, the bacon was crispy, the kransky was a little bit spicy and definitely cheesy, the homemade hash brown was satisfyingly crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, but the best part of this dish was without a doubt the black pudding. Strongly flavoured and rich, M was ecstatic that he'd ordered it (Facebook and Instagram posts ensued). 

I mentioned that the serving sizes were big, so was a little disappointed that I couldn't bring myself to order anything from the extensive dessert cabinet. It didn't help that a mother had gleefully indulged her child's wishes of a breakfast consisting of ice-cream and a chocolate muffin. Oh to be young again!   

Overall, I had a great experience at Niche on Bridge; excellent food in generous portions, fast and friendly service and a happy atmosphere that welcomes everyone (including young children no matter what their tastes are). Thanks to Nick and everyone at Niche on Bridge for the food and opportunity to check out the cafe - I'll be returning next time I'm in the area.

We dined as guests of Niche on Bridge

Niche on Bridge
571 Bridge Rd, Richmond
Mon-Sun 7am-10pm

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  1. A lot more appetising and tastier sounding than the Uncle Toby's porridge I had just half an hour ago lol

    1. Haha, you crack me up.

      I've never been a fan of porridge but if the cold mornings continue, I might turn into a convert.