Saturday, August 4, 2012

That Place

I caught up with a few friends at That Place, a cafe that seemed perpetually busy, and awkwardly difficult to talk about. In any case, it was a miserable day and I couldn't wait to shelter inside while waiting for them to arrive, and found it warm and inviting. It was a little cramped, but that was expected from an inner city cafe.

The long black that I ordered wasn't particularly interesting to look at, or to drink if I'm honest, so there's no picture of that. My friend's hot chocolate was a lot more interesting.

Hot Chocolate
Their menu has your usual breakfast fare of egg dishes, vegetarian options on toast, sweet options plus a special breakfast burger. I decided to stick with something safe, and ordered a three cheese omelette with wilted spinach and basil pesto.

Three Cheese Omelette
To say I was disappointed was an understatement. The omelette was bland, and the only indication that cheese had been included was that the texture was reminiscent of plastic processed cheese. Even the spinach was slightly rubbery. Honestly, this was perhaps the worst omelette I've ever had, and that's including my own breakfast cooking failures. 

My friends had slightly more luck with their dishes. 

The Smashfields; a poached egg with fetta, field mushrooms on a bed of smashed avocado and basil pesto smash with sauce, was nothing to rave about, but at least the only criticism was that the toast was too hard to cut through.

The Brekky Burger with bacon, eggs, hash browns and chipolte mayonnaise in a Turkish bun seemed to be the only dish worth ordering.

Brekky Burger
My friend seemed fairly happy with this burger which provided at least a range of flavours and textures, on  easy to consume bread. When that's the best that you can say about a dish though, you know the standard has been set pretty low.

I was immensely disappointed with my experience here. Sure, the service was fast and friendly but the food was just plain miserable. I'd much rather have just stuck to my usual haunts instead of following my inquisitive nature in this case (not that it'll stop me from trying new places out in the future of course).

That Place
408 Bourke St, Melbourne

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  1. This place is always crowded during lunch time though.. I much prefer going to Maccas next door :) Hahaha