Thursday, September 13, 2012

About Thyme (London)

I'll be honest, the pun got me. I wouldn't have glanced at the menu for this restaurant had it not been for the pun-ny name.

About Thyme
The restaurant was bright and airy, with plenty of space. There was little reference in the decor to the restaurant's Modern European (with a Spanish flair) menu, but I was glad they didn't clutter up the space.

About Thyme
We popped in without a reservation, and the waiter was nice enough to seat us by the window seat; prime position for people watching, enjoying the English evening air, and food photography. Best seat in the house in my opinion. It didn't hurt that there was some thyme appropriately growing in a pot too.

The menu features a range of Modern European dishes with almost every type of meat you can imagine and a fairly good vegetarian selection. The wine list leans a little heavier on Spanish varieties than your usual restaurant, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. To kick things off was a simple offering of olives, bread and olive oil.

Olives and Olive Oil
Nothing fancy, just something to tide us over until entrees came, or rather until my entrée came as my dining companion wasn't feeling too hungry. As there was a lack of offal in my diet, I ordered the Lamb Kidneys sautéed with olive oil, shallots and Pedro Ximenez.

Lamb Kidneys
There were an awful lot of lamb kidneys, but thankfully I enjoyed the dish. The kidneys had a good bite, and the sauce had a richness helped along by the white wine. The accompanying bruschetta was rather boring, but was very useful in mopping up the delicious juices.

When the mains arrived, there was a bit of meal envy on my behalf.

Fresh Monkfish
My companion had ordered the Fresh Monkfish with Steamed New Potatoes, Pak Choi and Cherry Tomatoes. Look how pretty all the colours were! The fish was definitely fresh, and the dish was satisfying for a relatively light meal. He seemed quite taken by the accompanying cream, but we never quite figured out what it was.

I'd ordered something a bit more substantial; the Veal Escalope with Mushroom Sauce and Chips. What arrived was close, but not exactly correct.

Veal Chop, Pan Roasted with Leaf Spinach, Creamy Mushrooms & Brandy Sauce
It was close enough that I didn't mind, and the tender veal won my vote. The mushroom and brandy sauce was lighter than I expected, but went well with the meat. I found the spinach a bit redundant, and not particularly interesting, but it was nice to have some greenery on the plate.

Dauphionoise Potatoes
The accompanying Dauphionoise potatoes were satisfyingly creamy with a crispy outer edge. A lot more interesting than chips, although even more unhealthy I gather. Never-mind that though.

We were both too tired to have dessert, but the simple offerings of ice-cream, tarts, crumbles and brulee were certainly tempting. We had a good experience here, and counted ourselves lucky to have discovered About Thyme, well, in time. The food is fresh and good quality, the service is efficient and the price is reasonable. This is a place I'm likely to come back next time I'm in London (with a mental note to reserve some energy for dessert).

About Thyme

82 Wilton Rd, Victoria, SW1V 1DL
Mon-Sat 12pm-230pm, 530pm-1030pm

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