Monday, September 24, 2012

Chi Kitchen

There's plenty of authentic Asian food in Melbourne, but sometimes I don't feel the need to go authentic, and like eating tasty food of a non-certain origin. Chi Kitchen fits the description perfectly and is ridiculously close to work.
Chi Kitchen
The restaurant is still relatively new and as a result, is a quiet and spacious restaurant for lunch. There's a variety of music playing through the speakers, from Egyptian to Eastern European yet the food has an Asian spin to it. There are rice and noodle dishes on offer, plus stir-fries and some New York style steamed buns (?) that wanted to try out of curiosity. Lots of gluten-free options populate the menu (if that's your thing), and there used to be a guide on what to eat according to your blood type. The owner is knowledgeable about nutrition is passionate about food, so it's worth having a chat with her. One downside of Chi Kitchen is that food is slightly on the pricey side.

Going by my other reviews, if I like the food then I don't mind paying a reasonable amount for it, so I caught up for lunch with a friend. My friend, who hasn't exposed to much Asian food in his life, decided on the Char Kway Teow consisting of BBQ chicken, shrimp, onion and egg with Hor Fun noodles in a light soy sauce

Char Kway Teow
I didn't get to taste his dish (he likes his food too much), but his verdict was that the spring roll was nothing special (not that we expected it to be), but that the noodles were very nice and light. No complaints there then.

Being in the mood for something warming, I ordered the Thai green curry served with chicken and rice.
Thai Green Curry
When I said I wanted something warming, this fit the bill and indeed came out too hot. I burnt my tongue a few times before I learnt to wait for it to cool down. Lighter on the coconut milk than other curries I've tried, it was nevertheless delicious and probably healthier for me.

By no means does Chi Kitchen serve authentic Asian food, but that's not what it's aiming to do. It provides a healthy menu in comfortable surrounds, with friendly service. Dishes are more expensive than you'd expect however, but you're not expecting cheap Swanston St style food.

Chi Kitchen
441 Little Bourke St, Melbourne
Mon-Thu 7am-9pm, Fri 7am-late

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