Sunday, September 2, 2012

Vegas Weekend

Thankfully, a work trip is not 100% work, so I managed to squeeze in a short trip to Vegas for a weekend, simply because it was between two places I needed to be before (Los Angeles) and after (Boston) the weekend. 

 I'll say this now - Vegas isn't my kind of city, or at least, The Strip is not exactly my idea of fun. But hey, you get the touristy shots anyway because this is my blog, and I'm was a tourist in the USA, at least for a bit of the time.

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas
"We stole the State of Liberty! The small one from Las Vegas."
M&M's World
Fancy a bit of Paris?
Or Venice?
How about Rome?
A pirate ship then?
I wasn't too sold on the dining though, which was generally overpriced and not great quality. Heart Attack Grill was never an option though.

Over 350 Lbs Eats Free
 I certainly wasn't going to eat here either.

Beef. Booze. Broads.
I settled for some decent Japanese in a casino restaurant, and grabbed Chipotle's (why don't we have that in Australia!) when I could. 

Thankfully, once you get away from The Strip, things are a little nicer. There was some ah-mah-zing ribs out in the burbs at TC's Rib Crib (go there), and went for a hike in Red Rock Canyon (not to be confused with the chips). I miss being out in nature, especially as I don't get all that much chance even when I'm back in Melbourne.

Not being one to follow trails or maps, of course I ended up hiking along a dried up riverbed instead, but it was a lot of (sweaty) fun. Did I mention Vegas is in the desert? You probably knew that before though. 

Red Rock Canyon
Red Rock Canyon
 You can just make out the casinos/hotels from here. Yeah, this distance seems appropriate.
Red Rock Canyon
Red Rock Canyon
Casinos, gambling and pool parties might be great fun for some, but I'll stick to my hiking thanks, if only because I still have an aversion to large crowds and noise (for anything other than a music concert). Vegas isn't all that bad after all I guess, if you get away from the flashing lights (at least in my opinion). A pretty good place to spend a weekend for anyone though - there's something for everyone.


  1. A new friend of mine recommended Red Rock to me, so I'm envious! Las Vegas apparently does have incredible, incredible food - you just have to know where to look. For example, I've heard that Wynn has amazing upscale vegan food, but that may not be your thing :P

    1. Upscale vegan would be interesting (I just tend to order fish when I'm out - don't ask me why).

      Maybe I will head back...hmm...bright lights...

  2. Lucky you, Sophie! I think I need to find a job that allows me to travel - any excuse to get out of Melbourne, even if it's primarily for work purposes!

    I think I'd be going to this part of the world for the hiking rather than the gambling too, but I'd definitely be checking the casinos out just because it's VEGAS!

    1. I am pretty lucky! Travelling takes its toll (I'm homesick now) but it's interesting to see all the other countries. I'd love to head to Eastern Europe, although maybe working there wouldn't be as nice as travelling.

      Check out the casinos by all means (I did - those tourist shots came from somewhere after all), and some of the food, but head out of The Strip for something with a little more substance. Supposedly there's some awesome hot crawfish somewhere in Chinatown too...

  3. OMG... so much fun! Totally envious