Saturday, October 6, 2012

NESCAFÉ Gold Single Origin Colombian Blend (with Giveaway)!

I find it hard to get by without a coffee or two per day, and find it a very tasty addition. While most of my coffee comes from a decidedly average machine at work, the mornings that I have time grind fresh coffee beans and make a few cups using my Chemex are so much more special. For the days when I have absolutely zero time and need a quick hit of caffeine, I have a supply of instant on hand. While they're never as good as barista-made or Chemex-made, they're a decent substitute.

To make the quick coffee experience a little more special, NESCAFÉ have just released a limited edition Gold Single Origin Blend, made from 100% Arabica coffee beans. NESCAFÉ and Ogilvy PR were generous enough to send me a hamper to help me create my own coffee experience. 

NESCAFÉ Gold Hamper
Apart from a sample of the coffee, a simple coffee mug, a large chunk of shortbread, a CD to put on and a yummy book (that will hopefully teach me how to make macarons) to read were included in the hamper. 

I was suitably impressed by the coffee, and it was better than most brands of soluble coffee that I've had (and I grew up with a lot of instant coffee). The dark roasted beans have dark chocolate notes and have a slight hint of almonds and spice that have a complexity you wouldn't expect from such a quick method.

I'm looking forward to making my first recipe from the macaron book which is looking like simple lemon ones at this stage (and hope that it doesn't fail like my last three attempts - I'll update you guys on how it goes).

The Relax & Unwind CD is a compilation of chill-out music including favourite artists of mine such as Sting, Norah Jones, and Pete Murray. Perfect to have going in the background while relaxing with a mug of hot coffee.

Without too much more rambling from me though, onto the giveaway!

Giveaway Details!
This give-away is pretty simple; leave a comment on how you like your first coffee of the day. Black? White? Barista-made, home-brewed or instant? 

Five people will each win one pack of NESCAFÉ Gold Single Origin Colombian Blend coffee valued at AU$9.99.
  • Competition closes 5pm EST on Sunday, 14th October 2012.
  • Winners will be chosen randomly.
  • Please ensure you include a valid email address so I can contact you if you’re one of the winners.
  • Open only to readers with an Australian postal address.
The winners will be announced on this post, and contacted directly via email.

[Update: 15/10/12]
Winners are:

  • Ames
  • Tom
  • Pinkytweets
  • Emily 
  • Kate

Congratulations, and I hope you enjoy the coffee :D

NESCAFÉ Instagram Competition
The major prize for this competition is a new Canon EOS 1100D Digital SLR camera. Pretty impressive prize right? To enter, take a picture of your favourite coffee cup, upload the image to Instagram and/ Twitter with the hashtag #NescafeGold before the 10th of October. Full competition details can be found here.

Thanks to NESCAFÉ and Ogilvy Public Relations for sending me the hamper and giveaway prizes.