Monday, October 22, 2012

Pho Bo Ga Mekong Vietnam

I took a few days off work to recharge and spend time with the boy and came back feeling happy, and with a slightly altered perspective (who said time-off couldn't help). Work isn't as crazy-stressful, even though it's just as busy, and there's light at the end of this busy-period tunnel.

Unfortunately, M is just as busy (if not busier) than I am, and so it ended up that our usual stay-in dinner night needed to be converted into a quick and early dinner. We ultimately decided on Pho, and Mekong on Swanston St is consistently reliable. There are some bad reviews floating around (which seem to center on issues in 2008/2009), but I've never had a bad experience here.

There's not much that needs to be looked at on the menu other than Pho - it's what they do well. The noodles are fresh and are cooked well, in a delicious soup that's full of flavour yet well balanced.

Fresh Chillies
No matter how good a bowl of Pho is though, I will always add fresh chillies if they're available - how can I resist when they shiny and promise so much spice? 

Beef Brisket Pho
 I love my beef brisket pho, and rarely order any other type. The meat is tender and with just the right amount of fat. M ordered the Beef Special Pho, probably because he wanted more variety; beef brisket (of course), normal slices of beef, beef balls and all manner of various cuts of beef.

Beef Special Pho
Their other dishes aren't so great though - on this occasion we ordered a serve of chicken and prawn rice paper rolls that were bland, dry, and lacking in both chicken and prawns.

Chicken and Prawn Rice Paper Rolls
Those prawns are tiny! Oh well. Did I mention that meals come out extremely fast? Always good for when you're short on time. The downside to this restaurant is their attitude towards customers; there to be fed, to receive money from, and then to rush out the door to make way for the next set. I didn't like be crammed onto a table with complete strangers even though there were free tables elsewhere. The wait staff aren't friendly but are efficient. I've given up expecting them to crack a smile, even though I've been here quite a few times now. 

Pho Bo Ga Mekong Vietnam; good for pho, but not much else.

Pho Bo Ga Mekong Vietnam
241 Swanston St, Melbourne
Sun 10am-10pm, Mon-Sat 9am-10pm

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