Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Smooze Coconut-ty Snacks

Melbourne's been having a typical spring, by which I mean, we're getting teased with brilliant bursts of sunshine followed by days of unbelievably cold wind and rain. The wonderful people at WordStorm PR seem to have had summer blowing through their office though when they decided to send me some fruit based ice-treats to try. 

Smooze! Coconut + Pineapple, Coconut + Pink Guava, Coconut + Mango
Heralded as a healthy treat that can be frozen and used as a substitute for ice-cream, my first reaction was "What's wrong with ice-cream?" I'm a big fan of ice-cream, and indeed went through a stage where I'd have one from Lygon St after training and dinner every Friday night without fail. Then I tried it. 

Smooze Fruit Ice Coconut + Pineapple
I still won't say that Smooze is an alternative to ice-cream, but it's definitely a delicious, and inspired, rendition that tastes creamy, tropical and which is satisfying, even though portion sizes are (perhaps responsibly   small. Best consumed not quite fully frozen (so you can slurp away), they're 100% natural and gluten, dairy and preservative free. A note of warning though, if you don't like coconuts, these snacks aren't for you as the coconut flavour comes out quite strong. You should stick with ice-cream instead. If you're like me though and love nothing better than cold coconut juice on a hot day, then these will be right up your alley. 

Not content with eating things the recommended way, I decided to give them a whirl in the blender with some blueberries to make a refreshing drink. 

Smooze Coconut + Pink Guava
Having sipped the liquid from the pack, I found both the coconut + mango and coconut + pink guava flavours too sweet for my liking. I didn't want to spoil the fresh flavour of the pink guava or blueberries with a  strong liquid, so I used sparkling mineral water to the blender to decrease the strength of the flavours instead. As an added bonus, it was fizzy - like a soft-drink but much tastier (and healthier)!

Coconut, Pink Guava and Blueberry Smoothie
As for a smoothie recipe, you barely need one; blend together one pack of Smooze Coconut + Pink Guava, a handful of blueberries and half a cup of sparkling mineral water. Done. 

In hindsight, I could have used frozen packets to have an icy drink rather than just a refreshing one, but the Melbourne weather hasn't made me crave iced drinks just quite yet. Who knows what will happen when summer rolls around. There will always be room for ice-cream in the freeze, but I might just be picking up a few boxes of these to store away too. 

Eating these have me thinking about tropical breaks surrounded by palm trees, fresh fruit and stunning scenery. Question: where is your ideal tropical getaway destination? Or are you a cold-elements kind of person? 

Thanks again to WordStorm PR for sending me these products to try.