Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tasty Allergen Friendly Products

Thanks to the wonderful people at WordStorm PR, I was sent some allergen friendly products to review! Luckily, I'm allergy free to the most part, but love trying out new products, especially if they're a little unusual and could be of benefit to the many friends of mine who suffer allergies. The Eskal brand is nothing if not unusual, with plenty of gluten free, diary free and nut free versions of popular foods. I got sent versions of perhaps two of the most popular foods on grocery shelves; 'peanut' butter and chocolate. 

Eskal FreeNut Butter & Eskal Noble Choice Chocolate
These guys must have read my mind. I'm in love with both peanut butter and chocolate, but healthier versions of both of these never hurt anyone (and is definitely better for those with nut/gluten/lactose allergies and intolerances).

You'll be unsurprised to find out that I ripped open the chocolate first; especially when it's 51% dark chocolate with mint. Not just small pieces of mint either but large bursts of mint flavour that's anything but bland.  

Eskal Noble Choice Chocolate: Mint
I also picked out tiny hints of vanilla which added an extra taste element. The chocolate perhaps wasn't as smooth as I liked, but there's only so much you can do without relying on dairy. Being lower in sugar than most commercial varieties was an added bonus. Apart from mint, Eskal Chocolate also comes in Almond, Raspberry and Dark varieties. 

I was fairly excited to try the nut-free butter, with wild thoughts of using it in baking to accommodate my nut-allergic friends flying through my head. Eskal have substituted peanuts with sunflower seeds, and have reduced the amount of sugar in the formula too. 

Eskal FreeNut Butter: Smooth
I got sent the smooth variety which worked surprisingly well as a substitute, although I can't figure out how the 'crunchy' variety would work. In any case, the sunflower seeds had a 'nutty' quality, but the taste was lighter and not quite as 'buttery' as peanut butter. It's healthier too with only 1.3g saturated fat per 20g serve (which is a bit more than a tablespoon for those of you who eat spreads from the jar with a spoon like I do), and is tempting me to make some "not-quite peanut-butter" cookies. Expect a recipe for those soon!

Eskal products are still relatively new in the Australia market, but I expect them to become very popular every soon. It's conveniently stocked too as you can pick them up from Coles, Woolworths and health food products, along with the rest of their allergen-friendly range that includes crackers, biscuits and marshmallows. As for myself, I want to try the other styles of chocolate. You don't blame me right?

Question: What would you bake for your nut/dairy intolerant friends if you had these products?

Thanks again to WordStorm PR for sending me these products to try.