Thursday, November 29, 2012

Having a Chocolate Fountain at Work is the Best

Hanging out with friends make for happy times. Hanging out with friends and food is even better. You know what I'm talking about; BBQs, movie nights at home, cupcake parties, ice-cream parties and in my case, weekly cake sessions at work. These get-togethers keep me sane, which is why I was ecstatic when I was sent a Chocolate Fountain (!!!) by Sunbeam Australia and Thrive PR

Sunbeam Snack Heroes: The Chocolate Fountain
Honestly, is there anything more fun than dipping food into a chocolate fountain? Actually, a chocolate waterfall would be better but I doubt I could convince any building to let me install one. Luckily, this little machine is a great deal easier to set up with only three main parts to it. Apart from the heating element which keeps chocolate warm (but doesn't melt it), the fountain is built predominantly of plastic. This means that it's reasonably priced at around $39.95, and is good value fun, but I wouldn't expect it to last long term. In all honesty even a chocolate-lover like me can't imagine using this consistently and would only want to bring it out on the the odd occasion so resistance to wear and tear isn't a big concern of mine.

For my first trial, I brought this to work, and my colleagues, while all being mature and respectable professionals loved it, especially with some donuts on the side. 

Donuts for Dipping
Or donuts encased within chocolate as the case may be. Or faces smeared with chocolate if we weren't being careful. 

Donuts Smothered in Chocolate
My colleagues would like to mention that "It was awesome", although "the gaps between the things could have been slightly taller so you could fit a greater range of food in it". A bigger chocolate fountain would have been preferable but maybe this was made for smaller kids.

The chocolate fountain itself was simple enough to set-up, but to get the perfect flow, quite a large amount of chocolate is needed (around 750 g) so either plan to eat a lot of chocolate, or to throw some away at the end. I didn't use nearly enough chocolate, so while there was enough for the donuts, the flow wasn't as picture perfect as I'd have liked it to be. 

Sunbeam Snack Heroes: The Chocolate Fountain
When you're done, the fountain pulls apart for relatively easy cleaning provided you start when the chocolate is still warm; the top parts can go into a dishwasher. My only cleaning difficulty was with the cleaning element and where it slotted into the plastic - those tiny little grooves get a surprising amount of chocolate stuck in them.

Heating Element Base
The Sunbeam Snack Heroes range consists of an egg maker, a chocolate fountain, an ice-cream maker and a popcorn maker for all your catch-up needs. 

Sunbeam: Snack Heroes Unite
While I wouldn't call them kitchen helpers, they're a great deal of fun for kids big and small. Plus, it make hanging out with friends or parties just that bit more lively. The construction isn't designed to last for more than a few years, but for the price, it's to be expected. 

Thanks to Sunbeam Australia and Thrive PR for sending me product.