Saturday, November 3, 2012

Non Solo Pasta

As the name would suggest, Non Solo Pasta serves up not only pasta, but a myriad of other authentic Italian dishes. Heading in a peak lunch hour, the restaurant was hectically busy, so I was expecting great things from the food. What I wasn't expecting until I checked out the decor, was for pizza to be sexy, but hey, that's one way to market your food. 

Pizza is Sexy at Non Solo Pasta
Run by the formidable Remo Nicolini of  +39 Pizzeria, you'd expect the pizza to be nothing but good, and indeed, should the name not be 'Non Solo Pizza' instead? 

Non Solo Pasta
An open kitchen gives diners an unobstructed view of the pizza construction process with a busy team of workers making pizza base after pizza base and topping them with a gorgeous combination of toppings. 

Non Solo Pasta
(It looks like there are plans to open joints in Sorrento and St Kilda!)

So while the main course of pizza was decided, we had to order something else and settled on a serve of  arancini from a menu that contained salads, focaccias, paninos, pastas and sweets.

The arancini came in two flavours; spinach and mozzarella and bolognese. These were a little disappointing and had obviously been left out for quite a while - they were dry to the point of toughness! Shame. If I had to pick one of the two, the bolognese was slightly moister and with a better balance of flavours. The light flavours of the spinach and mozzarella made for a fairly boring arancini.

Bolognese, Spinach and Mozzarella Arancini
The pizza on the other hand was good with a chewy, but not heavy, base. I generally prefer a very thin crust with lots of toppings, but this was tasty in its own, if unusual (to me), way.

Tartufata Pizza
We ordered the Tartufata with white truffle cream, fior di latte, mushrooms, roquette & parmesan.  It was lightly flavoured, and my only criticism was that the cheese was a bit on the salty side. The portion size was more than generous and easily shared between the two of us (although my friend had stuffed himself full of sweets beforehand so that may have contributed to this).

It's a little disappointing that Non Solo Pasta is only open for dinner on Friday nights, but that could be expected with the current Docklands hospitality environment. This place does pizza well, but might need slightly more work on the accompaniments. A reasonable price and generous portion sizes adds appeal to the place, and the Italian staff deal comfortably with the pressure of a very busy restaurant. Lekker Photo also has some beautiful photos of the place if that's your thing.

Non Solo Pasta
Shop 2, 800 Collins St, Docklands
Breakfast & Lunch Mon-Fri, Dinner Fri

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