Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Straits of Malacca Malaysian

There's no shortage of restaurants that open late in the CBD, but there's always a limit on how far I'm willing to travel. On this particular occasion, anything further than 2 blocks from Bourke St mall was deemed too far (lazy, I know). With this condition, I apprehensively walked into Straits of Malacca Malaysian on Swanston St. 

Straits of Malacca
I'd visited their Glen Waverley restaurant and had been thoroughly disappointed - they wouldn't serve any of the items I wanted on the menu after all. Late night hunger and the requirement for cheap and fast food meant that I was willing to give them another chance although I really wasn't expecting much.

I was after something simple and filling, and ended up with a plate of Indonesian style Nasi Goreng.

Indo Style Nasi Goreng
Not having had much Nasi Goreng in my lifetime, I can't vouch for how authentic it was, but I did enjoy both the picked vegetables (acar) and satay sauce (the chicken itself wasn't very good). I'm used to eggs with soft yolk, so didn't find much to like about the egg that came with this dish but that's not a flaw necessarily, rather personal preference. The rice was bland, but filling, which was all I really needed. 

Even though I probably could have done without the extra food, I find it hard to pass up chicken wings on a menu, especially after a few drinks, and considering this dish was 'Fired', it was a must-order for me. Of course, it came out 'Fried', which is almost as good. 

Malacca Style Fired Chicken Wings
The wings were passable; not great, not terrible, just average. I've heard that the quality varies widely depending on the day and the chef on duty. The wings did have some flavour, and weren't too oily, but nothing that I'd want to order again.

The food is cheap and comes out fast, but there are other restaurants that I prefer over Straits of Malacca. Pity they don't open as late, and so options become limited. Don't expect great service or atmosphere, just eat and go.

Straits of Malacca
162 Swanston St, Melbourne
Mon-Sun 11am-late

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