Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I very rarely spend time in Box Hill, preferring to instead split my time between the CBD and a few train stops further east from Box Hill. Seeing as there were errands to run, it seemed logical to grab a quick bite between rushing around.

RaRamen is a fairly visible shop-front on the South side of Box Hill Central that serves a variety of Chinese dishes, not Japanese as the name might suggest. Their claim to fame are their hand-pulled noodles, or la mien in Mandarin (see where the name might have come from?).

I think M ordered a serve of Five-Spiced Beef Noodle Soup. 

Beef Noodle Soup
In any case, the there were a lot of noodles and a very generous amount of meat in the well-flavoured broth. Hand-made noodles do seem to make a difference - these were springy and slightly chewy. The meat was decent, although not particularly tender, but it was tasty nevertheless. 

I ordered the Stewed Lamb Drop Soup.

Stewed Lamb Drop Soup
No noodles here. Instead, you get a flat Chinese-style plain flour pancake. I was a bit lost as to how to eat this, but based experiences from a previous mishap on a family trip to Xi'an, M informed me that you were supposed to break off bits of the pancake and dip them into the soup to soak up and become soft, kind of like flour dumplings. 

Chinese-Style Pancake

Slightly different I'll admit, but next time I think I might stick with normal noodles. The lamb itself was much like the beef, reasonable but nothing to rave about. The abundance of vegetables was a nice change to standard meals. 

The place is busy but efficient with quick service. The price is low and the serving sizes are generous. I've had similar experiences in the Glen Waverley joint and will return next time I need a quick and satisfying feed. 

Centro Shopping Center.South Precinct, Box Hill
Mon-Sun 11am-11pm

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