Thursday, January 3, 2013

Om Vegetarian

Sometimes I just feel like lots of good, filling food but don't feel like spending a lot of money, or bothering to make it myself. When that mood hits, I usually end up with an entire roast chicken from Coles, or find myself in one of the handful of all-you-can-eat vegetarian joints in the CBD. 

Om Vegetarian on Swanston St is the most frequented restaurant for me, but it's relatively new and in a tiny little arcade. The original restaurant on Elizabeth St near Flinders St Station is much better decorated and with a more relaxed atmosphere. 

Om Vegetarian
The premise here is simple, you pay $6.50 for all you can eat curries (one lentil based, one vegetable based), pilao rice and butter naan. There's vegan options available on request, and you can purchase drinks, including lassi, and desserts for $1/$2.

Om Vegetarian
It's good value with the food being both plentiful and pretty good quality. Given my lack of knowledge regarding Indian food, I vouch for authenticity but I've heard that it's pretty close to home-style Indian cooking.  
Om Vegetarian Curries, Pilao Rice and Butter Naan
The naan is better on some days than others, but the curries and rice are fairly consistent in taste. I keep returning to this establishment; it fills me up for very little money and makes my body and soul happy. Not much more you could ask for really.  

Om Vegetarian
1/28 Elizabeth St, Melbourne
Mon-Sun 11am-9pm

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