Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Caffe e Torta

Sometimes when you're in the city, you need a warm hug to carry the worries of the world away. And if a hug doesn't always do the trick, catching up with a friend in a cosy little cafe that serves simple and honest food certainly does.

Caffe e Torta (Coffee and Cake) is a small cafe tucked away on Little Collins St, just by Royal Arcade. It's fairly popular at both breakfast and lunch, with a menu that essentially covers all the basics. While a large baguette chock-full of fresh ingredients would have been satisfying enough for lunch, I was tempted by the frittata on offer, made with roasted pumpkin, baby spinach, fetta, herbed ricotta, free range eggs and parmesan cheese

It came out warm, although not as hot as I would have liked, and was quite a sizeable dish. It's rare to find an interesting looking frittata, but I appreciate the effort they made here - look at the seam of pumpkin all the way along. I was a little disappointed in the taste and felt that there could have been a stronger hit of flavour (maybe a stronger cheese thrown into the mix would have helped) but overall it was quite a well rounded dish.

My friend obviously had similar thoughts to me, and while she considered the sandwiches and baguettes, she settled on the spinach and cheese pie made with fetta and ricotta.

Spinach and cheese pie
I wonder how much spinach and cheese they go through here? Quite a lot I'd imagine. In any case, the slight saltiness of the fillo pasty meant this pie was a notch ahead of the frittata. 

While the lunch dishes aren't perfect at Caffe e Torta, they're still good quality and satisfying. The service is efficient even though the place was packed elbow to elbow, and the prices are reasonable. I'm tempted to return to this bustling little cafe for breakfast, or perhaps for a coffee and a big slice of cake. Indeed, the cafe itself is telling me to.  

Caffe e Torta
314 Little Collins St, Melbourne
Mon-Thu 730am-7pm, Fri 730am-9pm, Sat-Sun 830am-7pm

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