Thursday, May 16, 2013

Crust Pizza Party!

When the opportunity to host a pizza dinner party came my way courtesy of Crust Pizza and Retail Food Group, I jumped at the chance. Crust Pizzas are deliciously gourmet, and are reasonably sized and priced so there would definitely be big smiles all around. 

To liven things up in the office, and with a bit of encouragement, the dinner party became themed. Carnevale! Although, in hindsight, things ended up looking a little bit Mardi Gras instead. 

The Giant Mask
Twirly Decorations (also fun to play with)
Masks for the Guests
We were eagerly waiting in anticipation for the pizzas that had been orders. Eight large pizzas that would satisfy our cravings with a varied range of toppings from salmon, lamb, chicken, beef, ham and vegetarian. When the pizzas arrived, they were hurried opened, and arranged nicely as dinner parties should be somewhat organised (although the primary aim is of course to eat lots of good food in great company).

Crust Pizza Party!
A little snapshot of what we consumed (with those doll tables included as I wanted to take photos before all the pizzas had been attacked):

Wild Mushrooms and Wagyu Beef
I loved the sweetness of the asapragus on this one - it offset the earthiness of the mushrooms and the richness of the beef perfectly! 
Pizza devouration in process
Peri Peri Chicken
More pizzas being devoured
Smoked Salmon
Smoked salmon is always interesting and this pizza was done well in my opinion (and relatively healthy too - all those omega 3s).
Mediterranean Lamb
A favourite with a few of the boys in the office!

Vegetarian Supreme
Unfortunately our only vegetarian pizza but the first to be completely consumed.

The Aftermath
Don't worry, all the pizzas were eaten by the end of the night.

We were also had a pasta included in our order - and so while this was a pizza party and no-one felt the need for pasta, it was eagerly devoured for lunch the next day by a colleague.

Bolognese Verdi
No dinner party is complete without dessert - so dessert pizzas and surprisingly good ice-creams.

Blackforest Dessert Pizza 
Ice-Cream Pots
So, I'm declaring this a successful dinner party with all the required ingredients: food, drinks, dessert, good company. Crust's pizzas are gourmet quality and reasonably priced (just over $20 each for a large), deliver to your door and don't leave you feeling nasty afterwards.

Thanks to Crust Pizza and Retail Food Group (especially Amy!)