Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Oishi Kitchen

Sometimes you're hungry and end up walking into restaurants without really considering how good the meal is going to be. Because let's face it, sometimes getting fed is more important than what you're eating. It's always a nice surprise though when you find out that the restaurant serves pretty good food at decent prices.

 A few of us were walking around Chapel St looking for a late lunch when we walked past Oishi Kitchen. Seeing as a few of the group had recently returned from Japan and were missing the food, we walked into without too much thought. 

The lunch menu serves your typical Melbourne-Japanese eatery; bento boxes, don (rice) dishes and udon (noodle) dishes. We mostly ended up ordering fairly different meals, 4/5 of which were promptly served. 

Teriyaki Chicken Don
This was a fairly large serving, but was promptly inhaled none-the-less. 

Seafood Rice
As was the seafood rice dish (although I can't remember exactly what it was called). Oishi gets bonus points for attractive presentation too.  

The two of us that ordered bento boxes were also promptly fed, although I did find the presentation less impressive and slightly odd. 

Udon Bento Box
Beef Bento Box
The protein and rice servings were more than generous, but they seem to have skimped on the sides. Either that, or the bento box itself is too large. Regardless, the main attractions of eel and beef were well marinated and tender. Perfect for a quick lunch. 

The last diner spent a little longer waiting for his dish, but it was pretty impressive when it finally arrived.

Tempura & Prawn Udon
Tempura & Prawn Udon
Steaming hot broth with slippery noodles and lightly battered vegetables and prawns. Not a bad deal for under $15.

Oishi Kitchen was unexpectedly a tasty and cheap eat. Generous serving sizes and friendly staff is sure to make this relatively new restaurant a local favourite. Next time I'm hungry and in the area (during a tough day's shopping perhaps?), I know where to stop in for a quick and filling lunch. 

Oishi Kitchen
286 Chapel St, Prahran
Mon-Sun Lunch & Dinner

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