Monday, May 13, 2013

The Grain Store

I was pleasantly surprised to see an email from The Grain Store pop up in my inbox inviting me to their launch party. Even though they've been open for a month or so now, I hadn't even heard of them, so the invite could not have been more welcome. I'm always up for checking out new places to get fed.

The Grain Store
Their philosophy resolves around food that's nutritious, healthy, and always delicious. Taking inspiration from rustic, traditional European fare with a modern twist, I was looking forward to sampling the food on offer, as well as enjoying a fun night out with other bloggers and great friends. 

How could you not love this?
The girl responsible for the branding and some of the artwork in the restaurant was having a blast taking Polaroid pictures of everyone. It was a very quirky and welcoming touch! It wasn't long for the canapes arrived:

Quinoa, Cabbage in Witlof Cabbage Boats
 Refreshing, crunchy and very slightly bitter - a great start.

Polenta Chips
You can't really go wrong with polenta chips, and these had a nice 'cheesiness' to them too.

Prawn and Garlic Crostini
I didn't get to try these as I didn't want to risk inflammation after my wisdom teeth surgery, but by all accounts the prawn was sweet and fresh, and the crostini was perfectly toasted.

Chorizo with Sweet Sauce
Was this plum sauce perhaps? In any case, I'd never thought of pairing the salty richness of chorizo sausage with a sweet sauce that cut through quite brilliantly. Simple, but my favourite canape of the night.

House-Made Chips with House-Smoked Salmon
Crispy, salty chips and silky smoked salmon. So much better than Salt & Vinegar (and I love my S&V chips!)

Cheese Fondue Pots
Even with a warning, I managed to burn myself on these gooey parcels of cheese. Delicious, but risky.

Beef Tartare
Ignore my  hand in the picture, but these were well balance with a mixture of sauces, acidic elements, and most importantly, hand cut beef. We also had quite a few servings of the slow cooked pork cheek which was melt in your mouth tender and highly addictive, but we devoured those fairly quickly.

While I didn't sample the everyday menu, if the quality of the canapes provided for fifty or so hungry diners is anything to go by, The Grain Store serves up some impressive and (mostly) healthy food. With fresh ingredients and interesting flavours, I'm interested to see how the restaurant performs on a normal day. The venue is spacious and inviting with lots of wood and low hanging light, and I can see myself spending an enjoyable morning perusing the paper with a long black coffee.

Thanks again to The Grain Store for a very enjoyable evening with good food, wine, and many laughs. 

My guests and I dined courtesy of The Grain Store. 

The Grain Store
Mon-Thu 7am-5pm, Fri 7am-8pm, Sat-Sun 830am-4pm
517 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

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