Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cilantro Star

Seeing as I'm leaving Melbourne soon, it seems only fair that I make the most of my time here. That means lots of eating out - mostly at places I know I'll miss, but I did make some time to satisfy my pho craving to stop by Cilantro Star for a lunch catch-up with a friend. 

Of course, as I had a million and one things on my mind due to the impending move, I forgot my camera and so had to use my sub-par iPhone camera instead.

Pho Accompaniments
Thankfully, the food was decent enough to lift my gloomy mood that was partially influenced by the overcast and drizzly day. To kick things off, we ordered a plate of the chicken spring rolls to share.

Chicken Spring Rolls
The sauce was uninspiring, but the spring rolls were of a decent size with a generous amount of meat, and nicely crunchy. There may have been slightly too much oil, but it wasn't annoyingly greasy. The star of the show was of course big bowls of pho, full of thick rice noodles, chunks of beef and chicken, and a flavourful broth.

Beef and Chicken Pho
The range of pho varieties available is heavily limited; beef, chicken and beef + chicken pho are on the menu rather than the incredible selection available at many other restaurants (brisket, tendons, tongue etc.). Still, the bowl was richly satisfying and satisfied my craving for something to warm my belly. One quibble I had is that some of the flavour in the broth was likely due to MSG, rather than plenty of time and effort, but we all take short-cuts every once in a while. 

Cilantro Star doesn't serve the best Vietnamese food in Melbourne, and not even in the city, but it's  decent and conveniently located for those stuck on the West side of the city. Plus, the food comes out super-fast so it's perfect to fit into a busy lunch break where something comforting will hit exactly the right spot.

Cilantro Star
550 Lonsdale St, Melbourne
Mon-Wed 9am-4pm, Thu-Fri 9am-11pm,Sat 6pm-11pm

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