Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Orange Windsor

Sometimes the Melbourne weather is so spectacular that you don't really care where you end up. Such was the case that a small group of friends wandered down Chapel St and into the unassuming little restaurant/cafe, Orange Windsor. 

Orange Windsor
Being seated in the outdoor area out the back had its upsides and downsides; the early spring weather was gloriously warm, but it meant that the waitstaff had a tendency to forget about us. Which meant waiting so long for water that I ended up walking up to ask the staff again, and a fairly long wait for our lunch to arrive. 

The menu itself is an eclectic mix of Modern Australian, with Italian, Spanish and French influences thrown in for good measure. Fairly key to an Australian menu however is a good steak burger/sandwich and this one was fairly impressive. 

Steak Sandwich
With Black Angus minute steak, Gruyere cheese, onion jam, snowpea tendrils and pimento aioli all encase in lovely, soft turkish bread, it is a winner even before you decide to add in the bacon. 

Steak Sandwich
There are a lot of flavours going on in this, but sometimes that's a good thing. You can't call this burger subtle though. 

For those after lighter fare, the roast chicken salad was approved by its consumer.

Roast Chicken Salad
I did think the serving was a bit small, and the salad greens seemed half-hearted, but the pickled carrot and radish added interest.

The dish I ordered ended up being significantly smaller than I expected. 

Pumpkin Gnocchi
I'm not usually one to put prices on this blog, but $20 for this tiny plate of gnocchi seemed a rip-off! I understand that gnocchi can be fairly filling, but this was nowhere close to the size I'd expect for a main. Admittedly, it was tasty, but that doesn't make up for the sizing sin. 

Last but not least was the calamari.

This dish was cooked well with tender calamari that weren't stringy at all, coated with a suitably light batter accented with pimento and schezwan (I feel the urge to add 'pepper' to the end of that for completeness, but what they have on the menu is what they have). This at least wasn't a bad deal in terms of size vs. price ratio.

While we enjoyed our time at Orange Windsor, it wasn't without its faults. The service was friendly but annoyingly slow, and the serving sizes were smaller than expected for most of the dishes. While well made for the most part, I can't see Orange being a place that you'd actually plan to go to. 

124 -126 Chapel St, Windsor
Mon-Sun 730am-1am

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