Sunday, May 14, 2017

Doretta Tavern & Raw Bar

I rarely have much to write about regarding the restaurants I try while on work trips. Usually it's much to late in the evening for many places to be open that are also within walking distance of wherever I happen to be staying that night. Add in the amount of travel time and 75% of my meals turn out to be either be from the hotel restaurant or somewhere in an airport.

Luckily, during a recent whirlwind trip to Boston (I was there for 18 hours), there was a decent Greek/Mediterranean restaurant just on the other side of the road from the hotel. I headed out for dinner around 9 pm at night and was looking for something cosy and comforting. Doretta fit the bill, even though the restaurant is located in an area of equally expensive restaurants (one glance at the shops on the street would would tell you that)

I have yet to try many Greek restaurants in the US, even after almost 4 years here, but the cuisine is just as mouth-watering as I remembered.  The food was full-flavoured and wonderful, and the serving sizes were generous.

To start, there was a tangy mushroom appetizer on the house.

Mushroom Appetizer
While I like mushrooms, I don't exactly love them. That said, the sourness of the vinegar added a fresh kick to the earthiness of the thinly sliced, lightly sauteed mushrooms and I polished off the dish.

The star of the evening was however the lamb main.

Lamb shoulder with loukaniko, lentils, turnip, and kumquat
The lamb was juicy, and melt-off-your-fork tender. The loukaniko (a Greek sausage) was brightly flavoured with hints of orange peel and fennel seeds and all kinds of wonderful herbs and seeds. Lentils are always a little boring to me, but these soaked up the lamb juices wonderfully. What do you say about turnips? I'm not sure, but the kumquats added an unexpected but refreshing tang. Overall, it was a satisfying dish, with plenty of flavours and variety, and most importantly, superbly cooked lamb. Heaven.

The service here was great (attentive but not pushy), and there were quite a number of parties here just catching up over glasses of wine and small plates of food. The price tag was relatively steep ($32 for the lamb main) but given the location, it's understandable. 

I had a great time, and know where I'm going to eat next time I do a fly-in/fly-out of Boston. 

Doretta Tavern & Raw Bar
79 Park Plaza Heritage On The Garden, MA 
Mon-Sun 5pm - 1am 

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