About Me

Hey all! Sophie here. 

I've been blogging away on my little corner of the internet since 2011 and have finally gotten around to writing an 'About Me' section.

It's pretty obvious I love my food; from high class degustation extravaganzas to quick and cheap comfort food, an in particular home-cooked food made with the intention of feed those we care about. Which makes me feel guilty for not cooking more often.

Being lucky enough to live in Melbourne, I have access to copious amounts of coffee and quality food. Best decision of my life to move here after high-school, but it would be nice for my family to move closer. Then I'd get more of a chance to eat more of dad's cooking.

Not that I've spend all my time eating. I do have a full time job I genuinely enjoy working in (more for the people than the actual work) as a consultant for insurance companies, and like working off my eating indulgences with Wushu training, and events like Tough Mudder where I think it'd be a good idea to electrocute myself. Never said I was smart.

Life also wouldn't be anywhere near as fun without M to keep me company. Thank you for putting up with my craziness/silliness/random cravings and supporting, and often accompanying me in my endeavors. You're wonderful.

Enough about me, if you have any questions, or just want to say 'hi', send an email to sophiewang[at]edibleposts[dot]com.

Thanks for reading!