Monday, July 31, 2017

20 Eiffel

I was lucky enough to spend my birthday in Paris (!) and we decided to spend my birthday dinner in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower. Bib Gourmand rated 20 Eiffel did not disappoint. While it was filled with tourists, it was far from a tourist trap, with delicious, well-thought out food, at reasonable prices, served with efficiency and a smile. What else could you ask for.

We went for the three course menu (32€) available for lunch and dinner. There's also a two course menu (24€) available for lunch only that also seemed like great value.

Of course, whatever money we might have saved was cheekily spent on wine: two glasses of celebratory champagne, and this bottle of gorgeous, rich Bordeaux.

Chateau Malescasse Haut Medoc
We were seriously impressed by this bottle. It was fruity, fresh, and rich, full of sweetness but with depth.

But onto the food.

Being in France, I chose the escargot (sea snail) with chorizo mousse dish as my starter.

Poêlée d'escargots décoquillés, mousse de chorizo
The snails had a meaty texture and were accompanied by a silky broth full of sweetness and umami. Definitely a great way to start a meal.

M chose something lighter:

Saumon mariné, granité de concombre
Salmon with cucumber granita I believe. I tasted a small bit of the salmon and it was delicate and oh so slightly cured so that the flavor really shone through. Fresh and luxurious.

Tender duck with cherries was on the menu for my main.

Filet de canette aux cerises
The duck was medium-rare and moderately game-y, nicely fatty and juicy, and oh-so-tender. The skin wasn't quite as crispy as I hoped, but really now I'm just being picky. The cherries were ripe and syrupy, cutting through the richness of the duck with ease.

M chose the fillet of veal with mashed peas.

Filet mignon de veau, purée de petit pois à la sarriette
Simple, elegant, and cooked to medium-rare perfection. Somewhat humble but impressive at the same time.

Dessert was an amusing affair - our reservation had not mentioned who's birthday it was, so both birthdays came out with candles. More wishes for me then right?

Fraises, crème légère à la violette et meringue
I had a elegant little strawberry pot and violet tinged cream and meringue. Elegant and a satisfyingly sweet note to end the stellar.

While I've never tried making a souffle, I don't think I have the courage to try. I've heard such horror stories, but then again, that never stopped me from attempting to make macarons (and failing multiple times).

Soufflé au parfum du jour
No such drama with M's apricot flavored souffle. Light and fluffy, it wasn't too fruity, and once again was an elegant end.

Which is about how I'd sum up the entire experience: simple, elegant, and well-crafted. Reasonably priced, great service, and in a desirable location. What's not to love? Take me back to Paris please.

Eiffel Tower
20 Eiffel
20 Rue de Monttessuy, 75007 Paris, France
Mon - Sat 12:00pm - 2:00pm, 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Barcelona and San Sebastian

We recently took a week-long holiday in Spain, spending 3 days in Barcelona and a day in San Sebastian, eating and drinking our way around the cities. 

All I can really say that it's hard to go wrong with the food. Some places we went were more tourist-y than others, but all in all, the food was spectacular. As it stands, this will mainly be a photo only post because 1) as I said, there are so many places that serve great food and 2) I was somewhat tipsy for most of the trip so actually remembering where we went and what we ordered (especially in San Sebastian) proved a little difficult. 





El Vaso de Oro

El Vaso de Oro

El Vaso de Oro

El Vaso de Oro

Betty Ford's

Bar Celta Pulperia

Bar Celta Pulperia

Bar Celta Pulperia

Bar Celta Pulperia

Bar Celta Pulperia 


La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia 


La Vina

La Vina

La Vina

La Cuchara de San Telmo

La Cuchara de San Telmo

La Cuchara de San Telmo

San Sebastian

La Guinda Deli & Coffe

La Guinda Deli & Coffe

Bar Ipotx

Bar Txalota

Bar Txalota

Bar Txalota (?)

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Doretta Tavern & Raw Bar

I rarely have much to write about regarding the restaurants I try while on work trips. Usually it's much to late in the evening for many places to be open that are also within walking distance of wherever I happen to be staying that night. Add in the amount of travel time and 75% of my meals turn out to be either be from the hotel restaurant or somewhere in an airport.

Luckily, during a recent whirlwind trip to Boston (I was there for 18 hours), there was a decent Greek/Mediterranean restaurant just on the other side of the road from the hotel. I headed out for dinner around 9 pm at night and was looking for something cosy and comforting. Doretta fit the bill, even though the restaurant is located in an area of equally expensive restaurants (one glance at the shops on the street would would tell you that)

I have yet to try many Greek restaurants in the US, even after almost 4 years here, but the cuisine is just as mouth-watering as I remembered.  The food was full-flavoured and wonderful, and the serving sizes were generous.

To start, there was a tangy mushroom appetizer on the house.

Mushroom Appetizer
While I like mushrooms, I don't exactly love them. That said, the sourness of the vinegar added a fresh kick to the earthiness of the thinly sliced, lightly sauteed mushrooms and I polished off the dish.

The star of the evening was however the lamb main.

Lamb shoulder with loukaniko, lentils, turnip, and kumquat
The lamb was juicy, and melt-off-your-fork tender. The loukaniko (a Greek sausage) was brightly flavoured with hints of orange peel and fennel seeds and all kinds of wonderful herbs and seeds. Lentils are always a little boring to me, but these soaked up the lamb juices wonderfully. What do you say about turnips? I'm not sure, but the kumquats added an unexpected but refreshing tang. Overall, it was a satisfying dish, with plenty of flavours and variety, and most importantly, superbly cooked lamb. Heaven.

The service here was great (attentive but not pushy), and there were quite a number of parties here just catching up over glasses of wine and small plates of food. The price tag was relatively steep ($32 for the lamb main) but given the location, it's understandable. 

I had a great time, and know where I'm going to eat next time I do a fly-in/fly-out of Boston. 

Doretta Tavern & Raw Bar
79 Park Plaza Heritage On The Garden, MA 
Mon-Sun 5pm - 1am 

Doretta Tavern & Raw Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


I've always had a soft spot for restaurant weeks. They remind me of the sheer number of options in the city, and to head out and try new restaurants. Since moving to Illinois, we've barely tested the Chicago  restaurant scene. Chicago Restaurant Week was as good of an excuse as we could get to catch up with friends and try a new place - multitasking sometimes works after all.

Our friends suggested we try Appellation because, wine. Appellation is a small wine bar attached to a cheese/wine/bread shop that serves food almost as an after-thought. However, it was cosy and inviting and had good reviews and seemed worth checking out. 

To kick things off, we each had a glass of Processo.

I didn't get the name of the wine, but it was crisp and refreshing - a perfect way to start. While the special dinner menu already consisted of an entree, main and dessert (or appetiser, entree and dessert if you're speaking American), we unanimously agreed that a charcuterie board was required. 
Charcuterie Board
On the board: housemade chicken liver mouse, duck rilette, coppa, dodge city salami, salami manzo. First impressions were that the board was nicely varied, with different flavours and textures, from creamy to crunchy, and silky with fat to sharply salty. Second impressions were that the bread was much too hard. Almost painfully so, which was the only disappointment for an otherwise solid dish. 

Onto the 'real' first course. There were 3 options; a mac and cheese, brussels sprouts, and a winter salad. No one particularly felt like a salad, and in-fact, 3/4 of the table chose the mac and cheese (I was the odd one out given my rocky relationship with dairy). 

Seasonal Mac and Cheese with Duck Confit and Roasted Kale
Who could blame them though .Mac and cheese is comfort food at its finest. More cheese than mac, with plenty of cream and just enough flavour to keep it from feeling overwhelming, this was a decent dish. Heavy, but satisfying. 

Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Carrots with Chermoula, Pickled Raisin and Essex Feta
I did enjoy my Brussels sprouts more, but I'm a little strange like that. A combination of crisp sprouts, with sweetness from the carrots and raisins, and a little tangy-ness from the feta made this a well-balanced dish. One that I could see myself trying to recreate at home actually.

After the lovely first course and a modest wait, it was onto the main meal. We ordered all three options between us. 

The hanger steak dish was a disappointment unfortunately.  
Hanger Steak with Bernaise Butter and Frites
Cold, dry and tasteless, I felt much happier with the fries than with the steak itself. I can understand it being difficult to time 4 dishes to come out at the same time, but I expected better.

The fish dish looked much better executed.
Sauteed Fish with Cauliflower Fennel Puree, Hazelnut Caper Brown B
This was not without it's issues, given the original dish was to be prepared with skate, but the kitchen ran out and so was replaced with halibut (if my memory serves me correctly). While I didn't taste the dish, it smelt good and appeared to be better cooked than the steak dish. 

The final offering was a cheese fondue. 
Fondue of Raclette and Hittisau served with Baguette and Cornichons
I'm not sure how M wasn't completely cheesed-out after the mac and cheese followed by this, but he enjoyed his choice. I personally would have preferred more cheese, less wine in this but it was definitely tasty (in small doses). 

And then onto more cheese for dessert! Well, not for M (maybe he was cheese-ed out). 

Restaurant Week Cheese Plate
A decent selection, some nice accompaniments, and thankfully soft bread. Nothing spectacular, but not a disappointment either. 

Option 2 was a winter Panna Cotta. Sweet and simple. 

Winter Panna Cotta
Option 3 (my choice) was a chocolate pudding. 

Chocolate Pudding with Orange Blossom with Whipped Cream and Pistachios
A light-weight dessert, the pistachios lent a nice salty contrast to the velvety, not-to-sweet chocolate pudding. I could have done without the whipped cream but each to their own. 

Overall thoughts on Appellation: good service and a cosy atmosphere in a simple, somewhat rustic setting. Wine selection is extensive, and product is good, although execution can sometimes be lacking. Perhaps this is more of a place for wine and bar snacks rather than a sit-down dinner. I'm glad we went and tried it though. 

5212 North Clark Street, IL 60640
Mon-Thu 4pm - 12 midnight, Fri/Sat 4pm - 1am, Sun 4pm-11pm

Appellation Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato