Monday, April 4, 2011

Naked for Satan

This much reviewed (and loved) tapas bar on Brunswick St was an impulse stop during a lazy, miserably overcast Sunday. I had high hopes for this place, having popped my head in briefly on a Saturday night a few weeks ago. It was too busy then to get a seat, so we'd decided to drink elsewhere, but it seems that Sunday lunches are far from popular. Perhaps there's a reason for this.

Naked for Satan
Naked for Satan serves up a variety of pintxos (the Basque word for tapas) for $2 each (or 50c on Monday/Tuesday nights, and some weekday lunches). It's a neat little concept where everyone saves up the toothpicks from each one, then pays at the end of the meal depending on how many toothpicks they've collected.

Pintxos Selection
It's harder than you'd think to decide on what to fill your plate with given their extensive collection. Having an absolute weakness for cheese most of my selections ended up being those with strong flavoured cheeses. The eggplant chip pintxos was the highlight, with just the right amount of crispness and saltiness served on a large slice of crunchy baguette bread. Okay, perhaps there was a little too much bread all around, but it was probably for the best as it filled me up and stopped me going back for too much food (which can be a costly mistake).
Pintxos Eaten

More Pintxos Eaten
I was a little disappointed at the lack of desserts, but that's probably something they save for dinner times. I was also annoyed at the waiters (well, one waiter in particular) that barged through the door (we were sitting outside) to offer us more food. I'm one of those people who like being able to select what I eat, without anyone pressuring me. I appreciate the attempt to feed me and understand that selling the old plates frees up space for new varieties, but just let me decide whether I want to eat or not please. Still, I loved the decor and the atmosphere, and wouldn't mind drinking away a few hours on another lazy Sunday. Just don't try to convince me to come here for lunch or dinner.

Naked for Satan
285 Brunswick St, Fitzroy
Sun-Tue 12pm-12am, Wed-Sat 12pm-1am

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