Sunday, June 19, 2011


One of the most perfect dinners after training on a cold, wet night is fried chicken. Not any fried chicken mind you, but Gami Chicken and Beer on Little Lonsdale street was definitely an inspired decision by one of my friends. It's a small but bustling place with a constant stream of diners and people getting take-away, an no wonder really, their chicken is amazingly tasty!

Gami Chicken - Honey Soy (left) and Sweet Chilli (right) Sauces
Yeah, I want to eat some now. Mustering the willpower to drag ourselves away from the chicken meant that we could sample the Corn Cheese dish (which is exactly what it sounds like), and the Kimchi pancake. Neither of the two were particularly brilliant but they were moreish nevertheless.

Corn Cheese

Kimchi Pancake
The restaurant also makes sure that each table has a constant supply of salad, turnips and prawn crackers. I was always curious about what is actually in prawn crackers, but not willing to risk being turned off eating them.

Prawn Crackers

Unlimited Salad
What I didn't take a picture of was the 3L oak cask of Cass beer ($30) that was sitting on the table. Chicken and beer, what more could you ask for? This is a great place that will only get busier with time, so get in while you still can. Either that or grab take-away from there.

100 Lt Lonsdale St, Melbourne
Mon-Sun 1pm-3pm, 5pm-late

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