Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Minh Xuong

Cravings for roast duck strike me at the strangest times. I'm lucky enough to live in the city though, so Minh Xuong is (almost) always open for me to pop down to feed my addiction. Not the healthiest of addictions with the fattiness just under the skin that pairs so brilliantly with the crispiness of the skin itself, but I'm sure other addictions would do my body a lot more harm. 

While more often than not I choose to take-away half a roast duck, on this occasion I brought my mother in for dinner during one of her infrequent trips down to Melbourne. 

1/2 Roast Duck
She's like me - she can't resist roast duck. I wonder if cravings are hereditary.  In any case, Minh Xuong does a brilliant roast duck, better than any restaurant I've been in to in Chinatown, and the service is so much friendlier than Pacific BBQ (the other city joint that does a decent roast duck). 

Of course, one cannot live off roast duck alone (although sometimes I'd very much like too), so we filled up with some slightly healthier vegetarian dishes. 

Crispy Tofu
The lightly battered and fried tofu was crunchy on the outside and custard-y soft on the inside. There was perhaps slightly too much salt, but otherwise it was a solid dish. Surprisingly, the chillies had a kick to them that's rare in Chinese cuisine adjusted to Western tastes.  

Chinese Greens
Some standard Chinese greens rounded out the meal. Boring to some, but these make for a very satisfying meal.

Overall, Minh Xuong is great. The roast duck is great, and the rest of the food is generally good. Prices are reasonable and service is friendly enough (or even very friendly compared to some nearby restaurants). I pop in fairly regularly for some takeaway duck after being seduced by the row of ducks in the window. Minh Xuong is definitely worth a visit even if you're just looking for a quick bite. Seeing as it's open late, it's even better after a big night out.  

Minh Xuong
209-211 Russell Street
Mon-Sun lunch-late

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