Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Creamery

It was certainly more than past time for me to venture out in San Francisco in search of brunch, so I caught up with a friend early on a windy Saturday morning now in the SOMA district.

Relatively new, The Creamery has been drawing in a fairly particular clientele during the week with their talk of tech and start-ups, but on the weekend, it's simply a nice cafe with an outdoor area to chill out in the cool summer wind, and an indoor area if staying warm is more your thing. Brunch was kicked off in an unexpected way - I was mistaken for someones blind date, which is certainly a first for me. New cities = new experiences.

The menu is relatively compact and eggs are certainly the feature here. From a steak and egg bagel, to scrambled eggs to six different types of omelets with baseball-inspired names.

3rd Base Omelet
I ordered the 3rd Base Omelet with herbed cream cheese, smoked salmon, tomatoes, capers and dill. Warmly comforting, the class flavour combination worked well and there was a sufficient amount of salmon to keep my happy. The bread was different to what I expected being substantially more porous than usual, but it was fine nevertheless.

Hawaiian Crepe
My friend ordered the Hawaiian Crepe, which I like to think of as a pizza but without the nasty feeling of having it for breakfast. The ham came in thick slices, and the sugar and pineapples were there to add a sweet zing. Which reminds me that I need to try chicken and waffles for that same salty-sugary combination sometime soon.

Hot Chocolate
The crepe obviously had insufficient sugar, because he ordered a temptingly large mug of hot chocolate to go along with it.

The Creamery is a relaxed and casual brunch spot with good quality food (especially if you like your egg dishes) and efficient service. Due to its proximity to AT&T stadium though, it's probably packed out on the weekends. You're also likely to hear a bit of tech-talk here, but that's expected in the area right?

The Creamery
685 4th St, San Francisco
Mon-Fri 630am-9pm, Sat-Sun 7am-8pm

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