Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tonight Soju Bar

The concept of a Korean Bar is something I'm not familiar with coming from Melbourne. The basic idea is a bar that's designed predominantly for drinking, but at tables, with food options revolving around what best accompanies the food on offer, with K-Pop videos showing all the while on multiple flat screens in each corner.

Being relatively ambivalent towards K-Pop music mean that half the time I was distracted by the scenes with their brightly coloured girl-/boy-band groups which I actually couldn't tell apart.

In terms of the alcohol on offer, it's predominantly soju, with both standard and flavoured versions to keep things interesting, I drank my fair share, but of course I cared more about what food was on offer.

Nothing healthy of course (healthy and alcohol just don't mix). 

A massive serving of fries, with taco-style cheese sauce and minced meat and jalapeƱos more than satisfied any carb/salt/fat craving. Being additively tasty meant that we need a second serve.

French Fries with Garlic & Cheese Sauce
The chicken wings were almost as good, although slightly less crispy than I would have liked. The meat was tender and well flavoured, without being overly salty.

Chicken Wings
Some chicken gizzards that were surprisingly tender. 

Chicken Gizzards
The kimchi pancakes were fairly standard in my opinion, but did do a good job to filling up any bellies that were still rumbling.

Kimchi Pancakes
The atmosphere takes some getting used to, but the alcohol is relatively cheap, the food is cheap and generous and the service is fast and friendly. It gets busy later during the night, so get in early, perhaps around 8, to ensure a seat. Tonight makes for a brilliant night out if you're open to straying from the standard bar or restaurant format.

Tonight Soju Bar
733 Taraval St, San Francisco
Mon-Sun 6pm-12am