Sunday, October 6, 2013


I think I'm incredibly lucky to be in San Francisco; there are just so many great restaurants scattered everywhere in the city. One such example is Wexler's, an unassuming little place in the Financial District.   Soothingly lit and and filled with the sounds of 80s pop, you can't help but relax a little when you walk through the front doors.

The menu is impressive, and reasonably priced with a menu that I suppose is modern American with a touch of French influence in style. To start off, we chose some BBQ Scotch Eggs, to share of course as we were already eyeing the dessert menu (more to come later).

BBQ Scotch Eggs with Burnt Ends, House Made Hot Sauce, Sweet Tea Gastrique

BBQ Scotch Eggs with Burnt Ends, House Made Hot Sauce, Sweet Tea Gastrique
I love runny yolks. With a slightly smoky flavour thanks to the crumb, the eggs worked really well with the accompanying hot sauce that added heat without excess salt.

For mains, it was indeed a meat affair. My friend ordered the short ribs, a cut of meat that is notoriously hard to get tender.

Smoked Short Rib with Braised Cabbage, Roasted Grapes, Mashed Potatoes, BBQ Au Jus
The meat was fall-off-the-bone tender and the accompaniments were a little unusual but certainly worked. A thoroughly well executed dish.

I ordered the pork cuts, without actually knowing what cuts of pork I would get.

Wexler’s Plate of Pork: Chef’s Selection of Cut and Seasonal Garnish

Somewhat disappointingly (in jest of course) I received nothing crazy in the end, just some generously sized chunks of pork that were perfectly moist and lightly flavoured. More apple sauce would not have gone astray, but the melting-ly soft apple were a very nice touch. 

When we saw what was on the dessert menu, we knew what we had to order.

Bourbon Banana Cream Pie with Dulce de Leche, Fleur de Sel

The banana, bourbon and cream pie was heavy on the bananas and cream, but not so much on the bourbon. That was slightly disappointing but it was a decent dessert nevertheless. The salted caramel certainly did wonders in making up for the lack of bourbon.

S'mores Brownie
The S'mores brownie was rich but perhaps a touch on the sweet side for my liking. It has given me inspiration to make my own version, with slightly less sugar in the brownie and a thicker layer of marshmallow.

Wexler's is impressive in atmosphere, service, and has great tasting food and at a reasonable price. I would certainly return, remembering that dessert should not be skipped, and perhaps sample from their interesting cocktail menu. The food is rich and fresh, and and refreshingly fun. Sounds like my type of a relaxing weekend meal. The Blood Orange-Fudge Pie on the current dessert menu is calling my name.

568 Sacramento Street, San Francisco
Mon 1130am-230pm, Tue-Thu 1130am-10pm, Fri 1130am-11pm, Sat 5pm-11pm

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