Monday, February 3, 2014

Clement Street Bar & Grill

A word of advice: don't try to walk from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Golden Gate Park without a guide - you'll get lost. 

For a friend who was visiting San Francisco, the long, leisurely walk turned into an extra-long, slightly more stressful walk. Our winding adventure through the woods left her ravenous by the time we re-entered civilisation (although surprisingly I wasn't too hungry which is decidedly uncharacteristic of me) and a hearty meal was in order.

We ended up at Clement Street Bar & Grill, on, well, Clement St in Richmond. We weren't disappointed when instead of a bread basket, this appeared.

Bagel & Banana Bread
Now, my friend has never had a bagel before, and quite liked it. The picture however only shows half a bagel; I thought it was cruel to make her wait any longer for food. The banana bread was light, moist and not too sweet and I actually didn't feel bad for eating dessert before lunch.

Hungry girl decided to order the steak & eggs.

Steak & Eggs
A generous steak arrived, accompanied by a mound of eggs (scrambled, as per her choice) and some requisite breakfast potatoes. The orange and pineapple segments confused us somewhat, but the meal was well cooked and belly-warmingly satisfying.  

The Salmon salad looked pretty tempting to me, and I was happy with what was plated up.

Grilled Fresh Salmon Salad
It didn't look particularly beautiful but with mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, poached vegetables, and an orange-cilantro vinaigrette, it satisfied my craving for something healthy.The salmon was grilled well, flaky-tender and sparingly seasoned letting the salmon flavour take center stage. 

After the nice surprise of an interesting bread-basket, we were happy to discover that the rest of the food at Clement Street Bar & Grill was good quality and reasonably priced. The staff are efficient and the ambiance relaxed. There's not really a view to speak of, but it's not a bad choice at all for a leisurely Sunday brunch, tucked away into a cozy booth.

Clement Street Bar & Grill
708 Clement St, San Francisco
Tue-Thu 430pm-930pm, Fri-Sat 430pm-10pm, Sun 1130am-9pm

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